Lockable valve head unit – protecting your equipme

AS-Schneider offers three different security options to protect your equipment against unauthorized or unintentional operation of the valve head units. The ‘Lockable Anti-Tamper’ Design is the standard option for lockable valve head units. The T bar key cannot be inserted when the padlock is hooked in place and therefore protects your equipment against unauthorized operation of valves. The ‘Locking Plate’ Design is a simple and feasible solution which allows minimum T-handle movements and is ideal as a protection against unauthorized closing of the valve. The ‘Locking Plate’ option can be retrofitted to any standard valve head unit. The ‘Safe Lock’ Design represents the High-End Version of a lockable valve from AS-Schneider. The valve can only be operated with the integral T bar key after removing the padlock. This design is the best option against unintentional or unauthorized operation of valves. The integral T bar key is secured against loss and unauthorized removal. An additional feature is that it gas a colour coded dust cap for operating thread protection. All types are available with and without lock. A keyed alike lock with several keys is also possible.

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