ADM & Spiber partner on production of Biobased Polymers

ADM and Spiber Inc. (Spiber) announced an agreement to expand the production of Spiber’s innovative Brewed Protein™ polymers for use in apparel and other consumer products. The collaboration will combine Spiber’s cutting-edge structural protein fermentation technology with ADM’s deep expertise in large-scale fermentation technologies, engineering, operations, and extensive agricultural supply chain. 
The Brewed Protein polymers will be produced by ADM in the U.S. using plant-based dextrose as a feedstock, and then shipped to Spiber downstream facilities, where they will be processed into an array of materials primarily fibers for use in a variety of applications such as apparel, lightweight auto parts, high-performance foams, and more. Brewed Protein polymers will play a critical role in expanding the range of plant-based, sustainable alternative materials.
In 2019, the two companies began a long-term collaboration, in which ADM provided technical, engineering, and process support, along with access to production resources, to help develop and test Spiber’s process at scale. Following the successful completion of that work, the second phase announced extends the partnership between the two companies, creating a pathway toward commercial-scale production in the coming years.
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