CSA-approval of Bonomi’s Valbia electric actuators

Bonomi North America recently announced CSA approval on all of the company’s Valbia electric actuators, models VB030(M) and above. This is especially important in Canada where CSA approval is required for electricians to install the product. 
The company’s electric actuators have been installed in the U.S. and globally for many years in commercial and industrial applications. CSA approval provides wholesalers and installers the confidence to choose Valbia electric actuators for use throughout North America.
Valbia electric actuators are built with water-tight cast aluminum or techno-polymer enclosures that can be used indoors or outdoors. They feature steel and techno-polymer gears with hardened steel pinions for long life and quiet operation. Models include: Valbia VBM electric actuators with NEMA 4 die-cast aluminum housing, raised position indicator, two extra limit switches, a heater and thermostat, ½” conduit connections, and a 75% duty cycle motor; and Valbia VB electric actuator with NEMA 4, 4X techno-polymer housing, two extra limit switches, a heater and thermostat, torque limiter and a 75% duty cycle motor.
All models are dual voltage. A manual override is also standard. Valbia electric actuators are made by Bonomi at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Italy. Bonomi is the world’s only manufacturer of ball valves, electric actuators, and pneumatic actuators. Bonomi actuators and valves are made to work together, giving buyers better performance and single-source accountability when choosing automated valve packages.
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