AET introduces ultra-precise cryogenic valves

Ability Engineering Technology (AET), an Illinois-based manufacturer of equipment used in cryogenic process applications, has announced the introduction of a standard product line of Cryogenic Valves. According to Matt Resler, Sales Director at AET, “Our cryogenic valves have been successfully used for more than 30 years by our DOE clients, and we only recently decided to make them available for purchase by the larger industrial market.”

The AET Valve can be used in multiple orientations and can be paired with various actuator packages. Seat seals are typically Neoflon PCTFE M-400H (aka Kel-F), and Bonnet Teflon O-rings and seals are also available in other materials for special applications and specifications. The valves are rated for liquid hydrogen (-423 °F) and liquid helium (-454 °F) temperatures. The series is also suitable for use in ASME B31.3 piping systems with all welding performed by ASME Section IX Certified Welders. They can also be designed to meet PED, CRN, and other international requirements.

Standard valve sizes are available up to 1″, but custom cryogenic valves can be designed and manufactured to meet specific client requirements and applications.

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