Emerson to help accelerate green hydrogen production

Emerson is helping accelerate technology development for large-scale offshore green hydrogen production. The company is developing software and systems to enable the safe and efficient operation of the world’s first offshore green hydrogen production process on an operational gas platform. The PosHYdon project is a pilot that aims to validate the integration of offshore wind power and offshore natural gas and hydrogen production at sea—generating renewable fuels by harnessing a green energy source. The Neptune Energy-operated platform Q13a-A in the Dutch North Sea will host the project, which will provide insight into electrolyzer efficiency from a variable power supply and the cost of installing and maintaining a green hydrogen production plant on an offshore platform.

The green electricity will be used to simulate the fluctuating supply from wind turbines and power the production process, which will convert seawater into demineralized water and then safely produce hydrogen via electrolysis. The hydrogen is then blended with the natural gas and transported to the coast, via the existing gas pipeline, and fed into the national gas grid. The 1 MW electrolyzer is expected to produce up to three tons of hydrogen per week.

Emerson’s DeltaV™ distributed control system, DeltaV safety instrumented system, and DeltaV Live operator interface software will manage the desalination and electrolyzer units, gas blending, and balance of plant equipment. By meeting the unique application challenges, including variable desalinated water feedstock and power supply, DeltaV software and systems will provide enhanced safety, process uptime, and operational efficiency. The solution will ensure the existing natural gas operations remain unaffected and blended gas meets its required specification. Integration with the existing offshore systems and communication with onshore operations will maximize process visibility and prevent unforeseen issues.

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