Asahi/America introduces larger series 19 actuator size

Asahi/America, Inc. has broadened its acclaimed Series 19 SAV electric actuation line with the introduction of the S400, a larger-sized actuator tailored to operate Asahi/America’s range of 8” and 10” Type-57 butterfly valves. As an integral part of the SAV Smart Pack® electric actuator product line, the Series 19 S400 offers versatility and flexibility, available in configurations such as on/off, failsafe, modulating, or modulating failsafe units.

Featuring an impressive output torque range of up to 3540 in-lbs, the Series 19 S400 actuators deliver robust performance for diverse applications. Equipped with the same standard features as the Series 19 product line, including a heater, dry contacts for PLC confirmation and alarm reporting, an OLED screen with push buttons, local controls, and a QR code for easy access to user manuals, these actuators ensure convenience and ease of operation.

Constructed with a corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure and stainless steel trim, all Asahi/America Series 19 electric actuators provide durability and protection for the unit’s reversing, brushless DC motor, and permanently lubricated steel gear train. Operating at a 75 percent duty cycle, the multi-voltage unit enables frequent cycling of the valve without compromising power, making it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited, but performance is paramount.

Compliant with CE labeling requirements, all Series 19 actuators undergo meticulous factory mounting and testing to ensure reliable operation. The introduction of the S400 represents the latest enhancement to the Series 19 product portfolio, further demonstrating Asahi/America’s commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of industrial fluid handling applications.

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