IMI appoints technical expert for Green Hydrogen growth

IMI has appointed Dr. Cornelia Neumann, an expert in hydrogen technology, as its new Sales and Business Development Manager. In her role, Dr. Neumann will lead efforts to expand the company’s hydrogen customer base across Germany, focusing on key sectors including transport, power, and industry.

Dr. Neumann’s addition to IMI aligns with the company’s commitment to advancing cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Her appointment comes as IMI expands into the green hydrogen market with the introduction of the IMI VIVO PEM electrolyser. This innovative technology is already in use at prestigious research institutions like the University of Sheffield and within R&D departments across various sectors, notably transport.

With a doctorate in technical chemistry from RWTH Aachen University and over three years of experience in the chemical industry specializing in electrochemistry, Dr. Neumann brings a wealth of expertise to her new role.

IMI is strategically growing its presence in the German market, particularly in mobility, where hydrogen holds significant potential for powering buses and other public transport vehicles. The superior range offered by green hydrogen, facilitated by the IMI VIVO PEM electrolyser, positions it as an ideal fuel for long-distance transportation, surpassing the capabilities of electric vehicles.

Recognized as a crucial component in the global transition to cleaner energy, hydrogen, when produced using renewables like wind and solar, offers a sustainable solution. IMI’s VIVO PEM electrolyser provides businesses with a streamlined method for generating clean hydrogen fuel, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The decentralization of hydrogen production facilitated by IMI’s technology is essential, considering that only a small percentage of hydrogen is genuinely classified as ‘green’. Much of the current supply is generated at large, centralized facilities, often distant from the businesses that require it. IMI’s approach addresses this challenge, ensuring accessibility to clean hydrogen fuel for a wide range of industries.

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