ASME homologation of Castel’s pressure relief valves

Castel’s continuous desire for growth is also measured by the continuous desire for expansion and overcoming product quality challenges. In order to improve and carry Castel’s name throughout the world, it is necessary to have skills and qualities that only a large, solid company is able to guarantee.

Castel has always considered adherence to international standards as part of its work, the design of all its components is always thought to be able to use and install the components in every part of the globe, remaining compliant with the regulations in force in each country. The conception of the range of valves approved according to the ASME directive is the umpteenth quality leap of the Castel company, which by placing on the market a safety valve capable of satisfying the requirements required by this important international approval body, has demonstrated once more the validity of its products.

The history of Castel highlights the continuous international growth of the company, which starting from the East has reached the Americas while continuing to expand also in Europe. This continuous worldwide expansion of the company has made it necessary to adapt the component design systems, redesign the production cycles and the test cycles of the same according to all the different standards of all countries, in order to be able to offer the market more and more new products, and increasingly responsive to global requirements.

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