Assured Automation’s firesafe shutdown valve design

Thermally activated Thermal Shutoff Valves (TSVs) are critical components in refinery, terminal, and distribution safety systems. Thermal activated shutoffs work like fuses in the piping that carry extracted fuels. When a fire occurs, the fuel flow is shut down, preventing the fuel from feeding the fire.

TSV Series thermal shut-off valves combine a fire-safe ball or butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator and the FM approved FireChek valve to form a dedicated stand-alone thermal shut-off valve that will close (or open) at a given temperature (165 ̊F standard). This alternative to fusible link valves can be tested and reset without the need to replace any hardware.

The valve is held open by charging the actuator through a Schrader (check) valve. There is a clearly labeled gauge to indicate the proper pressure range to maintain.

TSV’s have passed both Mil-std-810G humidity and vibration testing procedures through an independent third party. The TSV’s patent pending design can be manually vented for annual valve cycling. FireChek can also be tested and reset on site. All TSV assemblies are individually tested by a qualified technician in Assured Automation ISO certified facility after assembly.

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