AVA Launches New 1000-2000Nm Torque Electric Actuators

AV Actuators, part of the AV Global Group, has seen many years of continued success, with various products launched since it started back in 2016. Over the years, AVA has reinvested profits back into the product, releasing new products on average every 8-12 months. The range currently covers 10-400Nm torque range, offers part turn and multi turn functionality, and offers a wide range of functions including Modbus, CAN Bus, Hi Speed, and Timer actuators along with the traditional on off, failsafe, modulating functionality that most have come to expect.

The latest product range is the new 1000 to 2000Nm torque output actuators that use the very latest technology to achieve hi speed high torque, low speed high torque functions. Utilising bespoke motor design technology, this will enable a second generation of the AVA to be realised. The new actuators include new chip technology for more data logging, customisable parameters, and alarm monitoring than ever before. A modular design allows easy conversion from on off to failsafe, modulating, and BUS communication. A new compact, lightweight design will once again result in AVA having arguably the most compact, feature rich actuator in the world. A bold claim, but one that is hard to dispute. The new 1000-2000Nm actuators will be available from Q3 2024.

The new range will cover a new Multi Turn series, ATEX approved produces to a higher torque level currently available, P+ID control valves with integrated pressure, temperature, and flow sensors directly feeding and controlling the Smart actuator.

AVA will add a new modular design covering voltage ranges, and functionality with a new plug-and-play system for converting off the shelf functionality, to add new functions such as failsafe. New app design to support the addition of Bluetooth technology in all the Smart actuators they produce, allowing parameters to be changed via your smartphone.

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