AUMA Actuators & Anglian Water’s Innovative sign SLA

Since being awarded a sole actuator supply framework in October 2019, AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK), the UK and Ireland electric valve actuation technology company, has worked with Anglian Water to develop a new and unique process to service, maintain and replace a range of actuators throughout the region. The renewal of the framework agreement includes a sole contract element to continue to deliver this successful service. 
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives Anglian Water access to a rapid response service with a three-day turnaround to replace both AUMA and other manufacturers’ equipment and even ‘replacement in advance’ for critical actuators.
The key objective of Anglian Water’s perspective was to maximise the availability of actuated valve operations throughout the region. The size and operating parameters of each installation vary and there are, therefore, many possible combinations of actuators, controls, and drive coupling to have to be available at short notice. AUMA Actuators are ideally suited to this agreement, they are designed using a modular approach so actuator components can be quickly combined to provide a bespoke actuator assembly constructed to the exact requirements of the application.
Electric actuators for actuators fitted on valves up to 8” and 1,000 Nm torque in standard operational environments are covered by the SLA agreement regardless of the manufacturer so long as they are not under that manufacturer’s warranty. Under the standard SLA, AUMA undertakes to receive a faulty unit along with its drive coupling and replace it either from new or from service exchange stock, along with a newly machined drive coupling, within three days. For critical installations, AUMA goes one step further and offer a ‘Replacement in Advance’ service, where AUMA provides a complete replacement unit in advance of the return of the faulty one.
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