Avionics cooling using MOPCV

In response to precision cooling control applications in the aircraft/aerospace market, Valcor Engineering’s Motion Control engineering team developed a unique Motor-Operated Proportional Control Valve (MOPCV) that provides rapid, smooth, proportional control of coolant. Using a proprietary variable-orifice design, the MOPCV provides infinite, extremely rapid-response temperature control without experiencing degradation of the valving element over time. This ensures exceptionally long reliability and operating uptime.

Unlike typically actuated valves, the MOPCV is light and compact, with no external moving parts. Further, the cooling system designer can predetermine how the system reacts to power loss. The most desirable fail positions are either to fail in last position or fail in a predetermined flow position.

If power is lost, coolant will continue to flow through the MOPCV to provide cooling of the avionics. While the thermal load continues to vary, the cooling system can continue to provide nominal protection to the avionics, minimizing a change in the accuracy, or catastrophic failure due to excessive heating. However, the MOPCV can be configured to fail open or closed if the system engineer prefers this approach. The compact design minimizes the need for precious space available on flight systems in the physical space allocated to the cooling system. Vibration in the vehicle is not a factor in the performance of the MOPCV.

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