Backwards compatibility for Rotork actuator

Lifetime Management, the innovative service and maintenance programme from Rotork, has been enhanced by the launch of IQ3 SET, offering backwards compatibility to the 1960s. Lifetime Management helps you to manage the risk associated with ageing assets. It includes tiered maintenance options, upgrade services, planned shutdown support and life cycle services. The backwards compatibility offered by the IQ3 SET is appropriate for legacy actuators on sites that have non-integral starters (known as “SyncroSET”). This backwards compatibility for SyncroSET actuators is part of our commitment to working with our customers to understand the full life cycle of their assets. The IQ3 SET feature facilitates obsolescence management and future-proofs plants without affecting the plant infrastructure. It is a bridge between legacy products (stretching back to Rotork A-Range actuators) and investment in the latest actuation technology. It is compatible with existing site cabling and control systems, so there is no need for new cabling and associated costs. There is minimal downtime during upgrades.
Ageing plant infrastructure and equipment plays an important role in the consideration of risk management, proving increasingly difficult to maintain as parts become obsolete, or difficult and expensive to source. To ensure continued operation and effective performance, site operators may need to consider updating technology to future-proof their sites. Customers can manage obsolescence concerns by replacing legacy actuators with the latest intelligent actuator platform by installing IQ3 SET. Proactive engagement in future-proofing your site, understanding the importance of obsolescence management and managing the life-cycle stage of assets will result in budget predictability, improved performance and reduced downtime. The IQ3 SET option works with and supports the features of older versions, with seamless integration into existing plant architecture and no need to change existing cables or control systems.
Rotork understands the importance of supporting the continuing high performance of legacy products and the value in making upgrades or changes simple, convenient and economical. IQ3 SET allows access to the many benefits an IQ3 brings to modern plant and network design, operation and maintenance, ensures continuous reliability, connectivity and performance, and offers advanced IQ3 functionality. Inserting IQ3 technology into a legacy system also brings the benefits of improved connectivity and service support through the wider Lifetime Management programme.

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