Improved YT-3400 valve positioners from Rotork

Rotork has improved its range of smart positioners to offer enhanced diagnostic and operating abilities. Valve positioners adjust an actuators position based on a control signal to meet specific process parameters (such as flow, pressure, or temperature). This precise control of a valve actuator’s position makes Rotork’s smart positioners ideal for process control applications. The addition of enhanced diagnostic capabilities makes these positioners a great asset for on/off valve applications where detailed diagnostics are required. The YT-3400 smart valve positioner has undergone extensive hardware and software development to extend and enhance Rotork’s range of smart explosion proof pneumatic positioners. The YT-3400 range is available in multiple housing options (aluminium and stainless steel) for different regional certification requirements, making it highly versatile and ideal for a broad range of applications.

The YT-3400 now has improved diagnostic information and alarm monitoring, as well as offline diagnostic capabilities. Valve signature, advanced step tests, and Partial Stroke Test (PST) can be operated from local or remote positions. Local display and push buttons allow fast setting and commissioning operations, while remote position triggering via the Digital Input control simplifies (for example) PST activation when the device is not easily reachable. Alarm prioritisation is available with clear NE107 symbols, while Device Description (DD) and Device Type Manager (DTM) files allow for full HART host compatibility.

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