Brooks Instrument acquires Creative Machining Technology

Brooks Instrument, under its parent company Illinois Tool Works (ITW), has finalized the acquisition of Creative Machining Technology (CMT) based in Corona, California.

CMT specializes in a wide array of machining and manufacturing services, encompassing individual part production, end-item manufacturing, kitting, and assembly. Renowned for its expertise in high-precision CNC machining, CMT has been a crucial supplier to Brooks Instrument, particularly excelling in the manufacturing and polishing of ultrahigh-purity components with exceptionally tight tolerances, notably for semiconductor applications.

With a track record of manufacturing to tolerances as tight as 0.0001″, CMT’s proficiency and manufacturing facilities align perfectly with Brooks Instrument’s objectives. This strategic acquisition will enable Brooks Instrument to expedite the design and production of intricate wetted flow path components essential for its industry-leading mass flow controllers (MFCs), pivotal components in gas delivery systems for semiconductor manufacturing. Additionally, CMT’s clean room facilities, boasting both Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 environments, ensure the meticulous processing and handling of delicate electronic components necessitating controlled environments.

The integration of CMT into Brooks Instrument marks the latest endeavor in Brooks Instrument’s commitment to serving the semiconductor industry. Earlier this year, the company introduced the GF120xHT Series mass flow controller tailored for high-temperature environments, further solidifying its position in the market. Moreover, last year saw the inauguration of a new manufacturing site in Malaysia, aimed at enhancing production capacity and forging stronger partnerships with key customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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