Butterfly valves for biogas applications

Biogas is derived from organic materials including agricultural waste, liquid manure, municipal waste, plant material, green waste, and food waste. It serves as a progressive and sustainable energy source, playing a significant role in the transition to renewable energy.

InterApp butterfly valves are specially designed for the requirements of biogas plants and are used in production processes, such as substrate feeding and pre-treatment, fermentation, digestate treatment, and biogas utilisation.

The versatile Desponia offers different, extremely corrosion-resistant liner materials based on NBR or FPM for different H2S contents.

Desponia® and Desponia® plus, from DN 50 to DN 250 and an operating pressure of up to 5 bar, have fulfilled the strict requirements of EN 161 and received DVGW approval according to EN 161 Class A, valve group 2, safety class B. In addition, they meet one of the most important standards for fugitive emissions, ISO 15848-1 (former TA-Luft/VDI 2440), and can be supplied in ATEX design.

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