Bypass valves for power plant

CCI has received a million-dollar order for the supply of turbine bypass valves for the upcoming construction of Sempra Energy Resources’ Mesquite generating station. When completed, this 1200mw combined-cycle power plant will be providing service for the growing area round Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The large order includes CCI’s high and low pressure steam bypass and spraywater valves, as well as hot reheat to condenser steam bypass and spraywater valves. The low-pressure valve is CCI’s LLP design, which is capable of delivering dependable Class V shut-off and fast response, and a reduction in temperature control in a complete and compact steam-conditioning valve.
Both the High Pressure and Hot Re-Heat Bypass valves meet the tight shut-off requirements as per MSS-SP-61, using a pressurised seat design.
MSS-SP-61 tight shut-off totally eliminates the need of isolation valves, thereby saving money. With a DRAG-customised severe service control valve, noise, erosion and cavitation is prevented by forcing process fluid to follow a tortuous path of right angle turns through the trim, thus controlling damaging velocities.

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