Carraro titanium valves resist corrosive conditions

The Carraro self-actuated control valves direct action series Titanium are light but above all resistant to corrosion. Titanium is a material with properties remarkably useful in the industry. 
With a significantly reduced weight compared to other materials, titanium valves contribute to increasing the general safety of the systems in which they are used. Titanium has found its place in many industries thanks to its density characteristics, excellent corrosion resistance, and natural biocompatibility.
Titanium is the preferred metal in chemical, petrochemical, marine environments, and biomedical applications. On offshore platforms, titanium valves are particularly appreciated for their weight reduction and as self-operated, they do not consume energy to operate. And energy on platforms is an expensive and fundamental good!
In Carraro, the management of the titanium production process is totally internal.
The high flexibility of the production structure, as well as the experience and versatility of the operators, allows managing all phases of the titanium valve production process internally.
The BPM – UBAN – UBS are part of the wide range of Carraro control valves for controlling the pressure and flow of industrial gases and liquids, natural gas, and propane. The whole range of regulating valves up to 3 ”can be made of any solid material available on the market.
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