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Bellow seal valve

Using bellow seal valves to cut costs

Bellow seal valves are often specified for applications where hazardous or toxic materials need to be contained. However, they can also make economic sense when used in steam systems, argues Rajesh K. Salins, Managing Director, Belloseal India.

Oil and gas opportunities in the Middle East

Whilst the news making the headline from the Middle East can be unsettling to say the least, on the business front there seems to be a very encouraging number of projects announced, awarded or underway. Valve World has taken a look at some of the larger projects in the oil and gas sector.
Water splashed on stainless

Solving cavitation in globe valves

Cavitation, as a type of erosion, is known as the most important operational problem for globe valves. Valve engineer Karan Sotoodeh looks at the causes of cavitation and suggests solutions to mitigate or avoid cavitation in manual globe valves.
How to achieve one piece workflow

How to achieve one piece workflow

Christoph Kehrs, the Managing Director of SchuF’s production facility in Eppstein, Germany, shares his insider tips on how to produce valves in small series.
Making innovation a career

Making innovation a career

Dr. Hans Baumann, P.E., is held in high repute by his colleagues in the control valve sector. He has worked for some of the leading manufacturers, helped develop over thirty valve lines, written well over 100 technical papers and holds more than 200 US and worldwide patents.
Shell Pernis

Dialogue can improve valve performance

Having spent many years working with valves as a mechanical engineer, Mr Muktiadi Rahardjo has seen and resolved plenty of valve issues. In an exclusive interview with Valve World, he indicates that the solution to many problems is not necessarily one of design or technology, but rather a willingness for everyone involved to change mind-sets.