Innovations and solutions

The category of “Innovations and Solutions” within the valve and actuation industry serves as a critical focal point, capturing the essence of forward-thinking developments and cutting-edge solutions that aim to address current and future challenges faced by this sector.

In a sector that’s fundamental to a multitude of industries ranging from oil and gas to water management, the sphere of innovations and solutions keeps a finger on the pulse of technological advancements, new product developments, and enhanced service solutions. This category is vibrant and dynamic, signifying the ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in the valve and actuation industry.

Fisher’s Fieldvue system benefits Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is expanding its use of Fisher Fieldvue instruments. A recent project at the Yanbu Refinery included more than 40 DVC-based ESD valves, which were applied to a fired-heater upgrade.

Remote valve operation with Flexi-Drive

New from Smith Flow Control is the Flexi-Drive, a versatile device for the remote operation of valves in hard to reach or hazardous locations.

Score wins ISO quality approval

Score Group PLC has announced the award to Score Al-Balagh of the new Lloyds ISO 9001-2000 quality approval.

Connecting system for actuators and valves

Asco/Joucomatic is introducing a connection system for actuators and solenoid valves.

CryoLife flies approval for aortic heart valve

CryoLife Inc. has filed a Premarket Approval Application (PMA) with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the CryoLife-O'Brien stentless porcine heart valve.

MedicalCV Inc. receives approval for heart valve

MedicalCV Inc. has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the company's Omnicarbon(TM) cardiac valve.

Miniature electric valve actuator

Alicat Scientific Inc. has introduced the Miniature Electric Valve Actuator Model (MEVA) for small rotary ball valves.

Control valves solve vibration/corrosion problems

Amot 25000 Series solenoid-operated pneumatic control valves have provided a rapid solution to vibration and corrosion problems for a manufacturer of diesel engine generator sets being used to power hydraulic power packs for controlling offshore wellhead control panels, sub-sea actuators and two hydraulic lifting winches.

Aker Maritime’s work on marketing new valve techno

An agreement covering worldwide sales and marketing as well as the establishment of a new product company are central to Aker Maritime's work on marketing new valve technology. From its head office at Stord, Aker Valves AS is responsible for the design, development and sales of the Aker Klyde valve.

Solenoid actuated globe valves

Leslie Controls has introduced the Laurence solenoid actuated globe valves, designed for the most demanding process applications, with high temperatures and pressure capabilities.

Innovations and Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of the valve and actuation industry, the “Innovations and Solutions” category stands as a beacon of progress and ingenuity, reflecting the sector’s unyielding commitment to excellence and sustainability. This category encapsulates the fervent efforts to push the boundaries of what’s possible, heralding groundbreaking developments in technology, materials, and methodologies. As a testament to human ingenuity, it showcases the symbiotic relationship between innovation and solution formulation, spotlighting advances that drive efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. In this vibrant space, stakeholders from various sectors converge to explore, adapt, and implement novel solutions, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. As we navigate through an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the “Innovations and Solutions” category promises to be the fulcrum that propels the valve and actuation industry into a future marked by sustainability, resilience, and unparalleled excellence.

The “Innovations and Solutions” category serves as the industry’s think-tank, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and fostering a community that is tuned towards embracing advancements for better performance and sustainability. As the industry strides forward, this category promises to be a hub of inspiration and insights, steering the valve and actuation sector towards a future marked by innovation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.