Pinch valves to control aggressive liquids

Bio-Chem Valve has designed a range of inert, wide aperture, non-sticking pinch valves for the precise control of liquid and gas flow in medical and analytical equipment. The solenoid operated valves feature unusually durable, non-stick silicone tubing developed by Bio-Chem, and the valve design enables the tubing to be easily removed and replaced, eliminating the need for disassembly or removal of the valve from the equipment. For use with aggressive, particulate-laden solvents, corrosives, reagents and other liquids, the valves are available in normally closed or normally open position, or in a 3-way configuration for fluid stream switching. The specially designed, chemically resistant silicone tubing eliminates the sticking and clogging of fluids, and may extend the normal preventive maintenance cycle to approach the life of the machine. If switching or replacement of tubing is required it can easily be slid out from the valve. Available in a range of sizes, the valves can accommodate tubing with inside diameters from 0.81mm to 7.95mm. They feature zero dead volume, low power consumption, a high cycle life, and a fast response time. Customised modifications are available on request.

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