Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry refers to the array of tools, devices, and systems utilized to monitor, regulate, and control the functioning of valves and actuators within various industrial setups. This category serves as an essential guide and repository of knowledge pertaining to the instrumentation segment of the industry.

The instrumentation category encapsulates the vast and intricate world of devices and systems that facilitate the precise control and monitoring of valves and actuators. In the modern industry landscape, instrumentation extends beyond mere control to encompass diagnostics, analytics, and integration with advanced automation systems. These instruments are crucial in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and optimal performance of valve and actuator assemblies in various industries including oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, and more.

Specialist enclosures protect instrumentation

In response to increasing industry investment in sophisticated process instrumentation, Sabre Instrument Valves has developed a comprehensive range of specialist enclosures

LC Series 15mm linear actuator

HSI, a specialist in motor miniaturisation, has taken its technology of manufacturing electric motors to another level.

Automated stream switching

Parker Instrumentation has announced a new valve system for automated stream switching in gas and liquid analysis applications.

High cycle life & zero leakage ball valve

Hoke, Inc., a division of Circor International, has introduced the 70 & 71 Series unidirectional, high-performance ball valves designed to exceed 100,000 cycles with zero leakage.

Specialist instrumentation for new dry dock

All the specialist cross site services field instrumentation for the new Class TSSBN submarine dry dock facility at DML Devonport has been supplied by the KDG Instruments division of Solartron Mobrey, based at Crawley, UK.

Pressure to conform

PED conformity Hoke products now conform to the PED as required by Article 3 of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/PC and under the Sound Engineering Practices of the UK.

Sabre acquires Dublok valve range

Following the addition of the Dublok range of multi-valve assemblies, Sabre Instrument Valves Ltd now offers a more extended range of instrument valves, manifolds, piping valves and instrumentation protection systems for the international petrochemical and process industries.

Re-use of fittings and valves

The Hoke Gyrolok instrumentation fitting Safety Changer System provides a safe and simple way to re-use existing fittings and valves by fitting them with new Gyrolok nuts and ferrules.

Emerson wins contract at Shell refinery

Emerson Process Management has been awarded the first of several re-instrumentation projects in the USD 32 million automation program by Shell Deer Park Refining Company (SDPRC).

Hoke appointment

Hoke Ralph Schmiedicke has formally been appointed to the position of Industry Specialist – Dow Chemical Account Manager.


The instrumentation segment within the valve and actuation industry remains at the forefront of fostering efficiency, safety, and innovation in various industrial landscapes. Acting as the central nervous system of valve operations, instrumentation encompasses an ever-evolving array of technologies and tools designed to optimize, control, and monitor valve and actuator functions. From sensor technologies facilitating real-time monitoring to advanced diagnostic tools paving the way for predictive maintenance, this category highlights the industry’s strides towards integrating intelligent solutions in contemporary infrastructures.

As we steer into a future marked by Industry 4.0, the realm of instrumentation stands as a testament to human ingenuity, continually redefining the paradigms of operational excellence and safety. The instrumentation category serves not just as a repository of the latest developments, but also as a beacon, guiding professionals towards adopting more sustainable, efficient, and integrated approaches in valve and actuation management. By staying tuned to the advancements in this category, stakeholders can navigate the complexities of modern industrial ecosystems with informed perspectives, harnessing the full potential of instrumentation in driving growth and innovation in the valve and actuation industry.

Instrumentation in the valve and actuation industry serves as the nerve center of modern industrial operations, fostering precision, efficiency, and safety. As technology evolves, the category promises to bring forth more advanced and integrated solutions, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable, and safer industrial environments. Keeping abreast with developments in this category equips industry professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage the full potential of modern valve and actuator systems.