Materials & Manufacturing

The “Materials & Manufacturing” category within the valve and actuation industry encapsulates the core foundational elements and processes that are integral in the production of valves and actuators. This category delves into the latest trends, advancements, and innovations in materials science and manufacturing technologies that are shaping the industry.

In the valve and actuation industry, the selection of materials and manufacturing techniques are pivotal factors that determine the quality, durability, and performance of the products. This category serves as a critical repository of news that outlines the developments in materials research and manufacturing methodologies, shedding light on the evolving trends and best practices in the production sphere of the industry.

Detonation flame arrester

Tyco’s AG Marvac Detonation Flame Arrester 600 is suitable for operation under stable and unstable detonation conditions with gas / vapour operating line pressure of up to 10 PSIG.

Valves for Powergen

Powergen has chosen Keystone Figure 56 butterfly valves from Tyco Valves & Controls for critical water services at its Connah’s Quay power station.

Marwin introduces characterised plates

Marwin Valve now offers a variety of characterised plates available on the CV-3000 Series characterized control valve.

Sinter machine to China

Kvaerner PLC has been selected by Daqing Petroleum Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, to provide a GBP 2 million lump sum contract for a sinter machine.

Finnish paper coating binder plant

BASF Oy (Finland), Ludwigshafen, has awarded a lump sum turnkey contract to a consortium, made up of Technip and Rintekno, for the design and construction of a paper coating binder production plant at Hamina, Finland.

Parker’s Integrated Piston

Parker Hannifin’s Seal Group has introduced its new Integrated Piston™, a device that combines piston, bearing and seal into a self-contained package for low, medium and high-pressure hydraulic cylinder applications.

Asbestos destruction

ARI Technologies Inc. is to deploy its transportable Thermochemical Conversion Technology (TCCT) to destroy asbestos-containing materials. More…

Schering-Plough invests in Singapore

Schering-Plough Ltd. will build four new production facilities in Tuas, Singapore. More…

Orton FCx’s ultimate valves

Orton FCx, designer and manufacturer of triple eccentric metal-seated valves has developed the ultimate design evolution for critical applications by providing a bolted body seat.

Materials & Manufacturing

The “Materials & Manufacturing” category serves as a comprehensive nexus of knowledge and insight into the fundamental building blocks of the valve and actuation industry. This segment echoes the advancements and shifts in the paradigm of materials science and manufacturing processes, spotlighting the latest innovations and trends that are sculpting the industry’s future.

As we navigate through an era of technological revolution and sustainable practices, this category encapsulates the concerted efforts to marry innovation with quality and sustainability. From unveiling breakthrough materials that redefine durability and efficiency to showcasing manufacturing processes that embody precision and environmental stewardship, this section stands as a testament to the industry’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

In the dynamic landscape of the valve and actuation industry, the “Materials & Manufacturing” category aims to empower stakeholders with the requisite knowledge and foresight, aiding them in making informed decisions and adopting best practices. As a repository of pioneering developments, it promises to be an invaluable resource for professionals aspiring to forge a path of innovation, quality, and sustainability in their ventures.

By fostering a community that is informed, engaged, and forward-thinking, this category stands as a beacon of progress, steering the industry towards a horizon marked by innovation, quality, and a sustainable future. Keep abreast of the latest in materials and manufacturing to remain at the forefront of industry developments, shaping a future where technology meets excellence and sustainability.

The “Materials & Manufacturing” category serves as a crucial platform for professionals and stakeholders in the valve and actuation industry, offering a window into the evolving landscape of materials science and manufacturing technologies. By fostering a deeper understanding of these core aspects, this category helps in driving innovation, enhancing product quality, and promoting sustainable practices within the industry. As the industry progresses, keeping abreast with the developments in this category will be instrumental in steering the valve and actuation sector towards a future characterized by excellence, innovation, and sustainability.