Pneumatic cylinders for power handling valves

Maxam CT series cylinders and associated controls are specified for all pneumatically operated disc valves produced by Mucon, a division of the Kemutec Group. The Maxam cylinder – with an 80mm bore and 200mm stroke – controls the full opening, slightly opening (trickle feed) and closing of the disc valve, and can be provided with a fail-safe controls option to operate in the event of air supply failure.
Constructed from aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel, the Mucon disc valve is a radially pivoting isolation valve for applications involving temperature, pressure and abrasive materials. Unlike many conventional slide valves, the disc valve does not jam or leak, due to its unique angled seat and floating disc arrangement. In operation, a radially pivoted arm supports a free floating disc.
The arm allows the disc to swing in an arc towards an angled seating face. The angled face ensures the disc only makes contact at the last moment causing a mild wedging action.
In a typical recent application for a pharmaceuticals and chemicals engineering company, the Mucon disc valve control system comprises the Maxam CT series cylinder and a control cabinet which houses a VSG series 22 control valve, pneumatic logic components and push buttons that are mounted on the door panel.
The operator presses the ‘open’ pushbutton and the cylinder retracts to fully open the disc valve. When the operator presses the ‘close’ pushbutton, the cylinder extends and fully closes the valve. When the ‘trickle’ push button is activated, the cylinder retracts and slightly opens the disc valve to a preset position.
Should there be a failure of air supply to the system, the cylinder extends and fully closes the valve.

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