Renewable energy

The “Renewable Energy” news category serves as a central hub, elucidating the developments and strides being made in various renewable energy sectors, including hydrogen, hydropower, wind energy, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and more.

This category provides a panoramic view of the ever-growing and evolving landscape of the renewable energy sector. This segment endeavors to bring to the forefront the latest news, breakthroughs, and discussions surrounding the diverse forms of renewable energy resources. It encapsulates the developments, projects, and innovations happening in the sectors of hydrogen energy, hydropower, wind energy, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), among others, weaving a rich narrative of the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

De-sulphurisation plant in Romania

Sidex SA, Romania, has placed a contract with Rautaruukki Engineering, Finland to supply a coke oven gas de-sulphurisation Plant to remove hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

Severn Glocon wins gas plant order

Severn Glocon has won the contract to supply more than 400 valves for two new gas processing plants in the Middle East.

Joint project for lower emission

Cummins Inc. (Columbus, Indiana, USA) and Westport Innovations Inc. (Vancouver, BC, Canada) are to receive funding for a joint natural gas heavy-duty engine project.

Louisiana gasification

TECO Power Services Corporation will develop an integrated gasification combined-cycle power plant for CITGO Petroleum Corporation using Texaco Development Corporation's proprietary gasification technology.

Cleaner gasoline technology

BP has unveiled a breakthrough in gasoline desulphurisation technology that could significantly reduce the cost of producing low-sulphur gasolines to meet current and future environmental legislation.

Oil refining in Spain

Krepsol-YPF has just awarded Technip an engineering and services contract concerning the offsites and utilities dedicated to the new hydrocracker of the Tarragona refinery.

Renewable energy

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