Performing well under (high) pressure: Lightweight stainless steel solutions

Continuous technological progress in critical market applications requires innovative materials and solutions to guarantee safety, efficiency, and performance.

Due diligence: How much is enough?

It wasn’t until very long ago that onboarding a new supplier for an organization was a straight-forward process. The focus was on three main elements: cost, quality, delivery.

Method 21: How something so easy can be so complicated

Many rules have been developed to reduce fugitive emissions across all industries. Using these rules the USA took the first step towards the development of work practices.

AI ‘rules’ a chemical plant

Yokogawa Electric Corporation and JSR Corporation have conducted a field test in which AI was used to autonomously run a chemical plant for 35 days, a world first.

The use of auxiliary valves (Axy) on DIB-2: Part 1

Auxiliary valves (Axy) are needed to conduct in-service maintenance and repair on pressurized gate or ball valves in a safe manner.

Valve packing optimization

While there is increasing demand from valve end-users for low emission sealing systems, it is essential that the valve stem continues to move smoothly and efficiently.

Control valves: material and design challenges

High pressures and temperatures and/or highly corrosive media pose higher demands on control valves.

Flowserve expands educational service capabilities

Flowserve Corporation (FLS), a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has announced the opening of a new Learning Resource Center

The promise of hydrogen comes with the responsibility of safety

Most of us are exposed to a variety of fuels and energy sources each day. The more common include gasoline, natural gas, propane, and electricity.

Using regenerative thermal oxidizers to replace flares & treat fugitive emissions

Fugitive Emissions are estimated to make up around 5% of total global emissions and are one of the major concerns within the hydrocarbon production and logistics industry.