Is it time to replace the control valve?

Is it time to replace the control valve?

This paper discusses the development of an auto-diagnosis algorithm for predicting the Remaining Useful Lifetime of control valves.

How electrification can help reduce methane emissions

Reducing methane emissions during the production phase of oil and gas is the quickest way to address global warming.

Specifying additive manufacturing for severe service control valve applications

The transformative potential of metal AM is now well established. At IMI Critical Engineering they've been exploring the role of 3D-printed valve parts.

Industrial perspective on liquid hydrogen valves

Storage and transportation of hydrogen in liquid state offers several advantages. Liquid hydrogen has a higher density and requires a lower storage pressure.
Are you using the right sealant for your valves?

Are you using the right sealant for your valves?

Currently, there is a lack of standard guidelines in the industry to guide users on how to select the proper product for different types of valves and applications.

Insights to emissions reduction

Consumerism is growing rapidly around the world, placing increasing demands on natural resources, energy production, supply chains and our environment.

Control valve Q&A

Q&A with Jon F. Monsen on how to determine at what point cavitation damage begins in control valves.

Asset management for quarter turn valves

Velan has developed a smart device to monitor the state of any quarter-turn valve without adding electrical connections or mechanical interfaces.
Valve inspection with acoustic emission – boundaries and new opportunities for predictive maintenance

Magnetic actuation attracts attention: fugitive emissions eliminated at the source

In their battle against fugitive emissions in industrial valves, Senseven provides an analysis of the challenges and possible solutions to the problem.

Asset management of industrial valves – Part 7

In his latest column, Mr. Alireza Aslarabi Sardoudi focuses on topics to be considered during valve asset management assessment and auditing.