Ceetak launches custom rubber gasket service

Ceetak, the UK designer and supplier of seals, has launched a new service for the customised design and production of special-purpose rubber seals and gaskets. The new custom moulding service is suitable for a wide range of applications and has been introduced to help customers improve the performance, functionality and reliability of gaskets, while improving cost benefits and reducing delivery times. Key to the new custom rubber seal and gasket moulding service is a free design and rapid prototyping facility. This can provide technical advice and practical assistance on issues ranging from the use of the most appropriate materials to the best sealing profiles, compression sets, groove sizes, compression and fill characteristics and assembly techniques. Once each seal or gasket is designed, prototyped and tested, Ceetak can offer high-volume production facilities for products manufactured in all common natural and synthetic rubber materials. These include silicones, NBR, perflouroelastomers and HBNR as well as high- and low-temperature materials and those manufactured for special applications, such as those requiring IP water-resistant or conductive properties. The new service hopes to help customers throughout the industry to improve the long-term performance of their products and systems.

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