Chiyoda Corporation deploys EasiDrive actuators

Chiyoda Corporation has selected Sofis to provide EasiDrive portable valve actuators, to be used on 1.100 critical valves in the Golden Pass LNG project. EasiDrive is a lightweight portable actuator that can easily be carried into the field to handle hard-to-operate and time-consuming valves. By using EasiDrive, end-user Golden Pass LNG will save considerably on actuator Capex and reduce investment costs. 
The Golden Pass LNG project in Sabine Pass, Texas USA, converts the existing LNG receiving facilities into a new natural gas liquefaction plant with a capacity of about 16 million tons a year (3 x 5.2-million-ton trains). The project is a joint venture between affiliates of Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil. The project will contribute to the stable supply of environmentally friendly LNG worldwide from the USA.
According to the project’s design and Human Engineering Factor (HFE) specifications, motor-operated valves (MOV) or pneumatic actuated valves were to be used if their criteria related to maximum valve turns and valve forces are exceeded. These requirements were also applicable to the 1.100 critical valves on the project that are not being used frequently. Installing multiple stand-alone actuators would be the easiest, but also a very costly solution.
To minimize investment costs while still guaranteeing safety, design engineers of Chiyoda sought a less costly solution. When approached by them, Sofis advised deploying EasiDrive portable actuators, as a highly cost-effective alternative to actuated valves.
By fitting low-cost mounting and reaction kits to the many critical manual valves that are less frequently operated, these valves can be operated with a single EasiDrive portable actuator. EasiDrive does not need a dedicated power supply, and there is no need to connect it to the plant’s automation system. EasiDrive fully complies with the projects’ strict design specifications and HFE considerations. Safety and efficiency during valve operations are maximised while keeping investment costs low.
Supplementary to EasiDrive, Sofis Power Wrench portable actuators will also be deployed. They will be used to quickly open and close valves that are placed in areas with limited space for fitting the mounting and reaction kit of the EasiDrive.
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