Circle Valve offers Truelok products

Truelok UHP fittings are interchangeable and intermixable with the fittings offered by all other manufacturers of metal-to-metal face seal connectors, micro-weld & mini-weld fittings, including VCR® style glands, gaskets and nuts.

Truelok offers a wide range of Face Seal (VCR® styled) and Mini Weld Fittings with average surface finish of 10 Ra and electro polished finishes of 5 Ra or less. Truelok’s metal-to-metal face seal connections are designed as leak-free components for critical applications where Ultra High Purity (UHP) conditions are required.

Standard fittings are constructed of 316L stainless steel, and are commonly used in ultra-high vacuum systems. Other materials such as VAR, AOD/VAR, VOD/VAR or VIM/VAR are available upon request.

Circle Valve also carries many other Truelok products such as  high purity end caps for gas purifiers & gas filters, extra long glands for gas regulators and gas analyzers, and more. Circle Valve Technologies is a factory authorized stocking distributor of Truelok Brand UHP face seal & mini weld fittings.

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