As a manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry it is almost impossible to get access to the market if you do not have the relevant certificates.

“In the case of Russia or rather the Eurasian Economic Union and especially the region of the Caspian Sea there is hardly any chance without the API 6D certifi cate” says Matvey Pikurov, Managing Director of Böhmer Armatura – a young Kazakh subsidiary of the German valve manufacturer Böhmer during an interview with Valve World.

It is remarkable that the factory, which started operation in 2014, has already managed to clear this major hurdle.

Mr Pikurov explains the basis for this success: “for the production of our fully welded ball valves we only use Western European equipment like testing and welding machines. And also the employees are familiar with the processes as applied in Germany. Before we started operating everyone visited the main factory in Sprockhövel for three months of training. The goal was to be able to supply the same quality as Böhmer has been doing for 60 years.”

The decision to build this factory became concrete with its foundation at the end of 2011.

“Kazakhstan was already our sales market for more than ten years and the Karaganda region is located in the centre of the country. I don't know if you are familiar with the size of Kazakhstan, but taking account of an area of 2.724.900 square kilometres it is the ninth largest country in the world.”

A few months later the construction works at the 43,000 square meter surface area started.

“Thinking about logistics in a country of that size it is important to choose the right location. Furthermore the capital of this region is the main industrial city of our country what makes it easy to find employees with the necessary technical experience.”

“The company in Kazakhstan gives us the possibility to distribute our products to the Russian market. This is quite useful, since the embargo of the European Union against Russia is still in place.”

In addition to 20 sales staff, Böhmer Armatura employs an additional 36 at the site in Karaganda. They work in the office buildings, warehouses and the plant itself which is 5,500 square meters, with surrounding land offering even further space for future expansion.

To build the new factory Böhmer made an investment (over ten million) and does not regret this decision.

Mr Pikurov gave an overview of the achievements to date: “In 2015 we were awarded Best Industrial Company of the Karaganda region and received the 'Altyn Sapa' award for the 'Best Product of Kazakhstan' in the category 'Best Industrial Goods'. We are satisfied with the incoming orders.”

“And although we were happy to receive the GOST standard which is important for distributing products to Russia and the ISO 9001 at the end of 2014, getting the API 6D Q1 certification in August of this year is definitely a milestone in the short company's history. We are aware of the fact that this certification is not easy to get, and also of the status it gives us as a supplier to the oil and gas market.”

Bohmer invested over ten million in the new plant at Karaganda, Kazachstan

Bohmer invested over ten million in the new plant at Karaganda, Kazachstan
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