Comatrol introduces proportional flow divider

Comatrol,a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of engineered hydraulic cartridge valves and HICs, introduces the PFD10-OD Proportional Flow Divider for compensated flow sharing between two motors or hydraulic circuits. This circuit-saver solution takes the input flow and delivers precise flow management, providing engineers with a new tool for distributing flow on their applications.

The PFD10-OD is an electro-proportional, compensated, normally open, flow dividing, pre-engineered HIC. When there is no current applied to the coils, the inlet flow is divided equally between the work ports A and B, with flows up to 40 LPM (10.7 GPM). The flow ratio between the 2 ports will proportionally vary as current is provided to the coils (from 0 to 40 LPM out each work port). The valve’s internal pressure compensation of both work ports provide the precise, repeatable and load-independent flow control to both work ports/circuits.

The PFD10-OD is a pre-engineered HIC that can be ordered using its nomenclature to specify options needed for the application, like coil voltage and termination, port sizes and seals. The aluminum manifold design is optimized for a small space claim on the vehicle, with 2 mounting holes provided as standard.

The coils are designed for incorporation on machine control architecture that utilizes Sauer‐Danfoss PLUS+1(TM) hardware. Adding PFD10-OD to your application using PLUS+1 GUIDE software is as easy as drag-and-drop.

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