Franklin Valve, LP

500 Northpark Central, Dr., Suite 100, Houston, TX 77073, United States of America

Since 2005, Franklin Valve has been on a mission to supply the oil & gas industry with a quality product, while leading the industry in customer service and delivery. In 2014 we moved into our current facility, allowing us to better leverage our large inventory and lean manufacturing practices while expanding on our Engineering and R&D capabilities, all with the goal of better serving customer needs.

We have expanded our DuraSeal™ DBB plug valve lineup to include: 2”-36” Class 150, 2”-24” Class 300, 2”-20” Class 600 and 2”-10” Class 900 valves while introducing both our 4-Way diverter valve in Class 150-600 and our all new DuraGate™ Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve in Class 150 & 300 12”-36”. All manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Through all our growth, our Value Proposition has remained the same: Franklin Valve offers the highest value on product quality and customer service while leveraging our large inventories to meet and exceed customer lead times.

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