MRC Global Inc.

2 Houston Center, 909 Fanin, Suite 3100, 77010 Houston, TX, United States of America

Global Supplier of Choice

MRC Transmark is a world leading distributor of valves and flow control systems with a turnover in excess of US$380 million and a stockholding of over US$70 million.
MRC Transmark is a multi $US billion company and the world’s premier distribution company for pipes, valves and fittings with over US$800 million in stock.
As a key supplier to some of the world’s most prominent companies, MRC Transmark works in close partnership with customers to ensure that their needs for critical flow control products are met. With an established track record in total project management, dedicated teams source products, manage supply logistics and offer technical back-up for major new builds, MRO contracts and key accounts, both onshore and offshore, worldwide.
MRC Transmark is managed by an experienced team and has been operating continuously for over 100 years in various industries.Whether you require a simple on-off valve or a sophisticated field bus system, MRC Transmark has the products, people and processes to meet your requirements in the most effective and efficient way.
MRC Transmark is committed to constantly adding value to all our customers including valve application engineering, after sales support of project commissioning, service and repair. Only when our clients achieve their success, do we achieve ours!
Strength and reach of an international company, service and expertise on your doorstep.

Broad Geography 

MRC Transmark offers customers the perfect balance. Having the strength of a truly international company allows us to draw on stock and resources from more than 250 locations around the world whilst maintaining a strong local presence that can provide the best technical advice whenever you need it, on your doorstep.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, constant innovation, unrivalled sector – specific expertise and a greater product and service choice than they ever had. Our keen focus and desire is to ensure that our customer and their priorities are always at the forefront of everything that we do.
Locations worldwide;
The Netherlands
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States
Extensive Inventory 
Extensive inventory, broad geography, service solutions and quality processes enable us to meet and exceed customer expectations
Range of Valves 
Cast Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves
Forged Steel Gate, Globe & Check Valves
Bellow Sealed Gate & Globe Valves
Ball Valves [Floating, Trunnion Mounted, API 6D]
Plug Valves (Sleeved, Lubricated, Metal Seated)
Butterfly Valves [Resilient Seated, Double Eccentric, Triple Eccentric]
Steam Traps & Boiler Instrumentation
High Purity Valves & Equipment
HVAC, Refrigeration & Cryogenic Valves
Marine Valves & Hydraulic Actuators
Safety Relief Valves & Pressure Reducing Equipment
Control Valves
Actuation, Field Instrumentation & Controls
Specialty Products & Services
Global Sourcing 
Quality control, vendor inspection and expediting are key elements of the procurement process within the supply chain. MRC Transmark offers these services as an integral part of our business strategy and value proposition to assure that purchased products will arrive when required and to the specification requested by the customer. MRC Transmark has a very strong sourcing team to assist our customer which is focused on:
Customers needs and expectations
International industry standards
Continuity of supply
Solid financial standing
Consistency in quality of material produced
Demonstrated ability to supply materials at competitive prices
Full material traceability
Business ethics and organizational values
Quality Control 
MRC Transmark is accredited in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. We receive twice-yearly audits by relevant quality accreditation authorities, but also conduct regular and meticulous internal audits to ensure our procedures and systems remain the very best and comply with the applicable quality management standards.
A continuous process commencing at the time of order placement, we ensure that final delivery of goods and documentation to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe.


Agriculture / Fertiliser