Via Ponte Nuovo, 11, 25050 - Rodengo Saiano (BS), Italy


Top-quality of high-performance valves & actuators.

OMAL is an Italian manufacturer either of valves (Ball & Butterfly Valves) and actuators (Pneumatic & Electric) which makes OMAL specialized in top performance actuated package since establishment in 1981.

OMAL does not depend on any actuators supplier like other vendors: it means its own valves are designed to have a perfect matching and sizing with its actuator and it has total control on quality and delivery of both. Moreover no blame game between actuator- and valve-makers as end users experienced many times when there is any questions raised at site: OMAL is the real only responsible of the assembly.

The corporate philosophy is EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE, namely anything delivered to the market must be more than any expectation of their own client or standard used in the industry.

Products portfolio by OMAL is wide and diversified and results of long experience and high excellence in diversified markets.

OMAL produce BALL VALVES in different design and materials but all joint to be suitable for high-cycles and high reliability. Quality of ball valves is not only confirmed by international certification (API 6D or AD2000) or long reference list but also by special qualification like for PROCHEMIE suitable to operates over 60.000 cycles without no visible leakage from stem packing.
OMAL manufactures also EN593 Butterfly Valves (concentric type, rubber-lined), either Wafer or Lug, with interchangeable liner in different materials (EPDM, NBR, FKM, PTFE, NBR CARBOX, etc).

All above valves deliver their best performance matched with actuators that outstands in the market to have SCOTCH-YOKE system: actuators result to be smaller, lighter and less-demanding of air-consumption and to outstand in terms of life time and reliability (over 1MIL cycles). Available in a very diversified and wide range of temperature, different materials, with handwheel or in 3-position execution (for dosing service).
As completion of the range of actuators, there is also the electric one (from 24v to 230v) either in ON-OFF for isolation valves or MODULATING for control valves.

Last but not least, OMAL proposes pneumatic valves for process industry: VIP valves patented by OMAL since 90s and yet a tangible example of innovation able to outstand to be extremely compact, highly reliable (over 500.000 cycles) and very fast.
In addition to VIP, ANGLE-SEAT VALVES (in bronze or SS) with different ends for application up to 180°C and suitable for millions cycles and maintenance free.

OMAL serves different sectors either by commodity products ready on shelf according to internal standards or by engineered valves and actuators based on specification of engineering companies or end user and then customized according to meet most stringent specifications.

Production is truly MADE-IN-ITALY and any product is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in our 4 group production plants in the Northern Italy where you are welcome any time to know amore about OMAL and breath our EMPOWERED PERFORMANCE.