DNV GL reaffirms integrity of Nord Stream pipeline

DNV GL has extended the certificate of conformity to the offshore standard for underwater pipelines DNV-OS-F101 for the Nord Stream gas pipeline for the seventh time.

The annual renewal of DNV GL’s certificate during operations by Nord Stream AG has proven year after year the continuously high level of safety and reliability of this gas pipeline.

The Nord Stream Pipeline was designed and built-in compliance with DNV GL’s international certification standard DNV-OS-F101. During the commissioning of Line 2 in October 2012, DNV GL issued the first certificate confirming the compliance of the Nord Stream Pipeline with the requirements of said standard. Over the following years, Nord Stream AG engineers and DNV GL experts have been working closely together to develop the Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS), as well as to verify and monitor its operation and maintenance procedures. The companies exchange technical and process information and regular reports on an on-going basis, which allows them to ensure high annual performance, as well as a positive assessment by DNV GL of how during the operation, Nord Stream AG ensures proper compliance with all required conditions for safe and reliable gas transportation.

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