Eaton to supply EMAS Technology to Great Wall Motor

Eaton has been selected to provide Great Wall, a prominent China-based automaker, with an innovative electromechanical drive system (EMAS) for their line of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

The EMAS by Eaton represents a breakthrough valvetrain-based technology, offering manufacturers the flexibility to optimize intake lift according to specific engine configurations. Operating seamlessly at low to medium engine speed and torque, the system features the Early Shutdown of Intake Valve (EIVC) function, effectively reducing trapped air in the cylinder and minimizing pumping losses, thereby enhancing overall engine efficiency. Moreover, during periods of maximum performance demand, the system seamlessly transitions to the longest valve event, delivering optimal power output.

Distinguishing itself from conventional variable valve actuation (VVA) solutions, Eaton’s EMAS integrates switchable rocker arms, a mechanical drive shaft for rocker arm control, and an electric actuator for on-demand drive activation. This unique configuration ensures the system’s resilience to oil temperature fluctuations and enables rapid switching across a wide engine working range, even under high engine speeds.

The EMAS not only enhances fuel economy and performance but also boasts easy integration into the valve train and cylinder head space, facilitated by its simple electric actuator control. This harmonious balance between fuel efficiency and power output underscores Eaton’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the automotive industry.

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