Oliver Valvetek’s innovative LPI facility

In anticipation of rising demand and projected expansion in the next five years, Oliver Valvetek undertook a thorough analysis to identify potential production bottlenecks, aiming to bolster on-time delivery performance. After a meticulous evaluation, the Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) line emerged as a critical bottleneck, posing a significant challenge to overall efficiency. Compounded by delays from subcontractor lead times, this bottleneck threatened timely delivery schedules.

After exploring various alternatives, Oliver Valvetek identified a solution to address the bottleneck and enhance production efficiency: the adoption of an electrostatic spray booth from ATH NDT. This advanced booth, featuring an overhead monorail system, offers a novel approach to processing components of varying sizes and quantities. Compared to the labor-intensive manual LPI line, this solution streamlines operations, boosting efficiency and morale among operators.

Beyond efficiency gains, the spray method reduces penetrant usage, minimizing waste and costs while enhancing quality control. The integration of a new activated carbon filter further underscores Oliver Valvetek’s commitment to environmental sustainability, signaling a significant move towards greener practices.

By optimizing operations and enhancing environmental stewardship, Oliver Valvetek demonstrates its dedication to meeting customer demands while aligning with sustainable practices. This strategic investment reaffirms the company’s commitment to excellence and positions it as a leader in a competitive market landscape.

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