Emerson introduces scalable metering control system

Emerson Process Management has expanded its Daniel Process Acquisition Controller (DanPac) family to provide a cost-effective measurement and control solution for both fiscal and non-fiscal oil and gas metering applications. With its simplified yet scalable architecture, the new DanPac Express system reduces complexity and initial investment while streamlining future expansions. A complete set of high performance software tools provide visibility to skid systems to reduce measurement uncertainty and facilitate local and remote monitoring.

Built on the platform of the standard DanPac Measurement and Control System, the compact hardware configuration of the DanPac Express system brings the primary elements of advanced measurement and control together in one single bay panel, including Daniel S600+ Flow Computers and Ethernet switches. A robust and easy-to-use software platform maximises uptime and system reliability by giving operators real-time access to critical metering information.

Designed for rapid deployment in both green and brown fields, the DanPac Express system is engineered to interface seamlessly with Emerson technologies as well as many third party devices and protocols. DanPac Express also protects the operator’s process and assets against evolving cyber security threats.

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