Emerson’s new compact controllers

Emerson has announced the release of its PACSystems™ RSTi-EP CPE 200 programmable automation controllers (PAC). This new family of compact PACs helps original equipment manufacturers (OEM) successfully meet customer requirements by minimizing the need for specialized software engineering talent. CPE 200 controllers will deliver large programmable logic controller (PLC) capability in a small, cost-effective, IIoT-ready form factor so machine manufacturers do not need to sacrifice performance for the price.

To stay competitive, today’s OEM machine builders must provide equipment that is ready to support analytics and give end-users a competitive advantage through increased efficiency, speed, and quality. However, as builders develop innovative solutions for material handling, life sciences, and more, they can struggle to program and deliver machine control systems on time and within budget with the performance, security and flexible connectivity customers require. The CPE 200 series solves these problems with security-by-design, open programming, and open communications built-in to simplify connectivity to external analytics software platforms while reducing cost and complexity for OEMs and end-users.

The controllers offer open communications through native, pre-licensed support for OPC UA Secure and other common industrial protocols for flexible connectivity over high-speed Gigabit Ethernet. IEC 61131 programming languages and C, the world’s most popular and easiest-to-use programming language, help engineers write and run high-performance algorithms that enable proprietary production strategies and advanced automation technologies.

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