Emerson’s new pressure-reducing regulator

Emerson has launched a pressure-reducing regulator specially designed for use onboard commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The dual-stage and patented active seal design of the TESCOM™ HV-3500 EC79-Certified Hydrogen Onboard Regulator delivers steady pressure and constant hydrogen fuel supply to fuel cells in the full range of vehicle operating conditions, including acceleration, deceleration, stopping, and idling. Stable pressure aids in extending fuel cell life and maximizing fuel usage. The reliable fuel pressure provided by the HV-3500 allows operators to drive farther without refueling and decreases the risk of over-pressurization downstream, resulting in leakage, wasted fuel, and possible emissions.

By boosting fuel cell efficiency and maximizing overall energy efficiency, the stable pressure the HV-3500 provides also reduces maintenance frequency. The regulator delivers positive high-pressure fuel shutoff of hydrogen in vehicles across varying road and operating conditions, increasing fuel cell durability.

The HV-3500 also helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) increase profitability by reducing manufacturing time and costs. Its dual-stage design eliminates the need for extra fittings and simplifies installation while its square shape allows OEMs to secure it to existing panels and frames in the fuel cell system. This specially designed shape and mounting holes make the lightweight HV-3500 quicker and easier to install than other pressure regulation technologies. The reduced assembly time lowers installation costs.

The EC79-certified HV-3500 is backed by Emerson’s local support. While some OEMs struggle to scale up production and shorten their time to market, the personalized support that Emerson provides helps OEMs get their vehicles on the road quickly with reliable operations throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.

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