New 225TV AWWA C515 ductile iron tapping valve

Flomatic® Valves is pleased to announce the new American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant Air and Vacuum MAXIAIR® model is now available. Featuring a strong fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron body and cover (including internal surfaces) with 316 stainless steel internals this product is designed with the operator in mind for ease of maintenance. Engineered to meet AWWA Standard C512 for clean water pumping applications. Features include a two-bolt Quick Access™ cover, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel float and trim, resilient Buna-N seating, and full nominal pipe size threaded female inlet and outlet ports.

“In stock and ready to ship, our new AWWA C512 & AIS compliant MAXIAIR® Air/Vacuum valves are ideal for clean water applications that require air release and vacuum pipeline protection,” said Brian Allen, Engineering Manager at Flomatic® Valves. MAXIAIR® Air/Vacuum valves exhaust large quantities of air at system start-up and admit large quantities of air to provide pipeline vacuum protection when negative pressure develops during power failures or pipeline breaks.

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