EMICOgauge pressure measuring system

The new Emission Control Gauge (EMICOgauge) pressure measuring system from WIKA ensures safety for people and the environment in critical processes. It features the assembly of a model 2xx.30 pressure gauge in a safety version in accordance with EN 837-1 (S3) and a valve to prevent fugitive emissions. An easily rotating adapter with a special sealing packing connects the measuring instrument and the valve. The system is fully leak-tested in accordance with the requirements of TA Luft (VDI 2440) for fugitive emissions. The EMICOgauge measures pressures from 0 to 420 bar or 6,000 psi. In the event of a fault due to high overpressure, the S-3 safety version protects the user from injury.

The compact measuring system can be put into operation immediately after delivery. The freely rotating swivel adapter allows 360° positioning of the display and easy dismounting of the measuring instrument, for example, for calibration. The S-3 pressure gauges can be combined with the following valves in fugitive emission design, in accordance with ISO 15848-1 and TA-Luft, to form EMICOgauges: Model IVM monoflange as well as models IV1x and IV2x (block & bleed) needle valves.

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