Five-valve manifolds options

Noshok, represented in Australia by AMS Instrument & Calibration, has announced five-valve manifold options that are designed for use with differential pressure transmitters and employ two isolation valves, two equalising valves, and a vent valve for use in natural gas applications. Suitable for natural gas applications, the manifolds are available in block, single-flange, or double-flange connections for remote or direct installation. The manifold bodies are machined from cold drawn extrusion and feature a one-piece bonnet with a metal-to-metal seal to the valve body below the bonnet threads, a bonnet lock pin to prevent accidental loosening, and a vinyl bonnet and stem dust cap. In addition, the manifolds include Viton O-Ring and Teflon back-up ring stem seals, electroless nickel-plated finish on carbon steel valves, and an electropolish finish on stainless steel valves.
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