Greece: gas-fired power plant

Public Power Corp. SA (PPC) (Athens) has confirmed the award of a contract to a consortium of Greek companies for the construction of an 811MW gas-fired power station in Megalopolis in southern Greece. The consortium, consisting of Metka SA (Neo Iraklio, Greece) and Metka’s fully owned affiliate company ETADE SA (Neo Iraklio), was awarded the contract in August, but final approval from PPC was conditional on the consortium’s accepting a cost of EUR 500 million, as opposed to the contract bid of EUR 543 million. Additionally, the consortium was required to forego any claims relating to possible delays of up to 13 months in the commencement of commercial operations of the plant as a result of the 400kV transmission lines and/or the natural-gas-feed pipeline being unavailable. The board of the PPC has also approved the call for tenders for a major project to connect the Cycladic Island Group to the Greek mainland grid. The Cycladic Island Group consists of about 220 separate islands in the Aegean Sea, SE of the Greek mainland. The project is estimated to cost USD 514 million.
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