Flexible graphite: the debate continues

The warnings given out about the existence and consequences of using low-quality graphite foils, especially in gasket manufacture, has received widespread support throughout industry. However, this has not stopped some gasket manufacturers continuing to use graphite of unknown origin and quality. So how can users be sure of what they are buying? Econosto Flow and Sealing Technology, has in the light of these latest revelations, finalised a supply agreement with SGL Carbon Group, a European flexible graphite foil manufacturer. This will provide Econosto with certification of all graphite shipments, verifying purity, standards compliance and country of origin, providing total confidence and traceability for its products. The higher-quality graphite foil therefore will ensure an Econosto sealing product is “fit for purpose,” being dependable and capable of performing long term in the most safety critical applications. Mr Tony Seall, managing director, Econosto, Flow and Sealing Technology Division, urges users of graphite gaskets and sealing materials in demanding applications throughout industry, especially the process industry, to be vigilant. They should insist that any graphite content is traceable and of guaranteed quality that meets minimum current European standards as laid down in DIN 28091 part 4 together with DIN 51903, which defines the maximum permissible ash content and measurement technique.

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