Flowserve supports power generation technology

As the world battles the climate crisis, the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions is the underpinning of energy transition. Urgent actions are needed at a global scale to decarbonize the energy sector and reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change. A clean energy technology company has developed a proprietary process that generates lower-cost power with zero emissions. This technology was successfully implemented in its test plant in Texas which utilized Flowserve flow control equipment.

The process utilizes semi-closed loop technology to leverage oxy-combustion and produce emissions-free power. Its technology burns natural gas with pure oxygen; and, the resulting CO2 is recycled through the combustor, turbine, heat exchanger, and compressor, creating lower-cost power with zero emissions. While the company was developing the new technologies required for success, Flowserve helped to pave the way through the support and capability of the products.

As the engineering firm awarded contracts to help build the facility, a leading engineering and procurement firm (EPC) partnered with Flowserve to acquire control valves. Flowserve was able to fulfill all of the challenging requirements for the project including a proof of concept and precise documentation which showed proven capabilities from a control valve standpoint. Finding sensors that could work at the extreme temperatures and pressures this project required was another challenge that Flowserve overcame through its StarPac 3 digital positioner offering.

The Valtek StarPac 3 control valve uses its ability to measure temperature and pressure to calculate and control flow rates. Unique to the industry, the StarPac 3 was critical to the success of this project as it provided a solution no one else could at the time – except Flowserve.

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