Shipham Valves Revolutionise efficiency & accuracy

Shipham Valves is pushing its productivity and precision to even higher levels, with the recent investment in an innovative new cutting-edge Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN Presetter.

Presetters are a hugely cost-effective alternative to measuring tool assemblies on the machine. Taking measuring away from the machine spindle not only provides extra machine capacity to perform machining but consumes considerably less energy.

Following a comprehensive evaluation of various presetters and consultation with NIKKEN’s UK Sales Business Manager, Lee Rodgers, the E46LA Presetter proved an ideal solution.

The integration of the NIKKEN Presetter has allowed the business to achieve enhanced accuracy. This has instilled confidence in machinists that the tools are precisely set from the outset. The offline tool setting process has significantly reduced machine downtime, promoting sustainability and boosting overall efficiency. The diverse range of tooling back ends, benefits from the Presetter’s flexibility and ease of use, enabling them to maximise its potential.

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