For efficient maintenance: AS-Schneider

Implementing smart maintenance is an essential strategy in the processing industry. In new or modernized plants, it can reduce downtime, increase safety and promote maintenance efficiency among plant operators. However, plant engineers often need access to an appropriate document database. From the point of view of the valve manufacturer AS-Schneider, structured product data, and associated documentation create the basis for efficient maintenance and transparent processes.
The varied information is arranged into so-called document containers (ZIP files), in accordance with standard VDI 2770. Components such as valves should be provided with a unique identifier, ID for short. For instance, this can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 61406 standard. The ID needs to be linked to a corresponding order at AS-Schneider after which it needs to be encoded in a QR code or RFID tag. The document containers hold data in various formats. These include machine-readable XML files for simple customer-side integration with third-party software and human-readable PDF files for maintenance staff, operators, engineers, and plant engineers. “However, the original data can also be used to gather data for in-depth research. The VDI 2770 standard classifies the manufacturer’s data into the categories of identification, technical characteristics, activity-specific docs, and contract documents to provide a clear directory,” describes Michael Hasselbach.
According to AS-Schneider, employing structured data has a wide range of benefits. For example, quick access to technical information is possible for efficient maintenance and repair. Information reaches the maintenance technician quickly. Processes become more transparent, and optimization opportunities can be identified more easily. The integration of newly acquired equipment into existing plants is easier.

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