Forum on the edge of development

The International Forum PCVexpo (5-8 October 2004, Sokolniki Culture & Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia) was as a world-class event for its participants, bringing together domestic and foreign manufacturers of pumps, compressor equipment, pneumatics and allied tools, valves, actuators and engines. The organisers report that the majority of visitors, namely 55.97%, were top managers, 32.1% of whom made decisions on equipment purchase. In all, 10,154 visitors and 378 exhibitors took part. Boris Kabanov, Chairman of the Board of Chief Mechanics of oil processing and petrochemical enterprises, is convinced that consumers find it difficult to decide which products to buy, given the wide choice offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers. That is why the role of the PCVexpo Forum cannot be overestimated. The Forum saw the session of valve plants directors and the meeting of the Russian Association of Pump Manufacturers, and a series of conferences and scientific and technical seminars.

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